I just want to say Thankyou for your bushfire helicopter service. My school, St. Columbas in Springwood was stranded because fire blocked us off. I saw your helicopter spraying water around our school drive stopping the firefrom reaching us. And today I saw you're helicopter again helping out in Mt.Riverview.

Thanks for you help and I hope your service continues.
Andrew Duval
Springwood NSW

Hi I am a member of Springwood Country Club in the blue mountains west of sydney.I am writing this email ( which is unusual for an old tradie like me!) to just thank your pilots for their incredible skill and bravery in helping us fight these terrible bushfires. In particular the guy who was flying chopper 404 last thursday ( 17/10 ) has gone down in local folklore as a hero although as mentioned they all are. One of our members has even written a song about him " the ballad of 404 " could you possibly provide me with some sort of contact details for this man so we could thank him personally?

Chris Marshall
Springwood NSW



There are many more people to thank I know, but I would like to pass on my sincere appreciation for the fire bombing that went on recently in Perth, predominately by McDermott Aviation.
My 86 year old Dad was evacuated from our family home in the Perth Hills. My brother and Dad filled my fully restored 1933 Ford V8 in a hurry and evacuated to the nominated area as the fire went past the property. Many were not so lucky.
Just so happens the evacuation point was where the 214’s were doing extremely quick water pickups and turnarounds to help extinguish yet another devastating fire in Oz.
From my entire family, and many other extremely grateful citizens I am sure, many thanks for the work you do.
Best regards
Colin Kilmaster
Richmond, Vancouver BC Canada

It is with thanks that I take this time to tell you your Magnificent men in their flying machines that filled up less than 300metres from my home in Springwood during the dreadful fires from the dam in the golf course will be in my thoughts for a long time and my husband and myself will remember their skill for a long time to come. Their numbers were 335 and 404 and we will be eternally grateful to them even though we were not in the fires directly ourselves. Please convey our thanks to the pilots and we will remember them flying over our roof shaking the tiles and windows.Our best regards to your company.

Rosemary Madeley
Springwood NSW